Dunbar Way

THE DUNBAR WAY – The Parents Code of Conduct

Since the Club was founded in 1991, Dunbar Rovers has become recognised as one of the leading Association Football clubs in NSW. Our Club now embraces a mix of Australian and overseas-born players of different nationalities from many walks of life. Dunbar Rovers FC became the Eastern Suburbs Football Association’s (ESFA) first senior NSW Champion of Champions in 2008, repeating the feat in 2014 and again in 2016 when the Dunbar Rovers women’s team also won the NSW Champion of Champions competition. In 2015 our Club entered the NSW Men’s State League competition and, on its maiden season, won the Premiership, competed in the Grand Final and won the Club Championship outright. As a result, in 2016, Dunbar Rovers was promoted to play in the PS4 National Premier Leagues, the highest league in the state, where our First Grade team tied on points for second place in the NPL3 Ladder last season, and came a creditable 3rd in the Club Championship. Today Dunbar Rovers FC operates two quite separate entities — the community club, which plays within ESFA, and our Club which competes at senior level in NPL3 with 3 teams, and at Youth level in NPL2, where we field 4 youth teams. Additionally, the Club has over 50 players in its Juniors programme, and Dunbar has also broaden the charitable scope of our sport with the formation in 2008 of Dunbar Rovers Cambodia.

The Dunbar Way reflects the values and culture of our Club. Dunbar Rovers has become one of the leading football clubs in NSW, not just through our on-field performance, but also for our reputation and behaviour off-field, both demonstrating equally high standards. We are a Club comprising volunteers from all age groups — some are parents, some not. The common theme is we all hold Dunbar in the highest regard, and the Dunbar Way is the Code of Conduct which all parents must adopt when they become part of the Dunbar family. The Dunbar Way seeks to:
2.1 attract players and coaches to the Club who exhibit similar values;
2.2 attract sponsors who can entrust their brand values to the Club; and
2.3 foster respectful relationships with the organising bodies as well as opposition clubs.
Dunbar Rovers Code of Conduct applies at all games, Club functions, training, social events and any other activity where the Club may be represented.

Parents play an important role in the development of our players and this needs to be encouraged in a cohesive manner. Parents behaviour is extremely important to the Club. So we ask that parents:
3.1 should focus on the player’s performance and development, not the score; believe in our ability to win and to accept defeat graciously;
3.2 should not pressure the player but appreciate they learn best from praise for good performances of the team and the opponents;
3.3 should refrain from all forms of ‘sideline coaching’ in any way;
3.4 do not use bad language or harass players, coaches, officials or other spectators, either our own or the opposition’s; were this to occur, such behaviour must be immediately reported to a Club Official and, preferably, our Member Protection Information Officer;
3.5 do not interfere with the coach’s playing tactics;
3.6 every week, three parents will be required to act as Volunteer Officials, please do not wait to be asked;
3.7 do not discriminate on race, religion, gender or disability;
3.8 volunteer your services to assist in team management, organising events, or whatever may be required on occasion to help the Club.
Please note that smoking and the consumption of alcohol is banned at all Dunbar Youth games and training events.

Our philosophy at Dunbar is to put the needs of the Club ahead of the needs of the team, and the needs of the team ahead of the individual. We ask you to:
4.1 cooperate with your coach, team manager, team players, fellow parents, match officials and Club management;
4.2 inform the coach of any absence from training or matches with adequate notice;
4.3 turn up to matches and training on time and in the appropriate attire;
4.4 look the part by ensuring your son wears the full Club kit during the match, warm up kit prior to the match and Club kit as spectators, it makes a big difference;
4.5 allow your son to move between grades to cover for other players temporarily unavailable;
4.6 respect Club management who serve the Club for your benefit;
4.7 where possible, we encourage all players to stay back and support the next game; we also encourage you to attend and support our First Grade whenever able — one day your son may play there;
4.8 in the event you feel the need to discuss your son’s progress with the Coach, in the first instance, please email the Technical Director, a follow up discussion will then occur at the appropriate time.

Dunbar encourages everyone to be accountable for our fortunes:
5.1 please ensure your son arrives at the specificed time each week, be it for training or a game day;
5.2 being chosen to play for DRFC is an achievement; we ask you to ensure you he’s able to attend every training session and every game; school sport or school holidays are not reasons to not attend;
5.3 exhort fellow Club members to follow the Dunbar Way;
5.4 at home matches show generous hospitality to officials, opposing players and spectators;
5.5 help with equipment and ensure facilities are left without litter;
5.6 channel all complaints straight to a suitable Dunbar Club Official in a constructive manner; avoid ill-considered public criticism;
5.7 promote a positive image of football as it competes with other codes to be the sport of choice.

Dunbar Rovers FC operates a Parents & Friends Association. This is the vehicle where parents who wish to assist the Club in any way can do so. It’s a vital part of the Club. The P&F Association helps with, or is responsible for:
6.1 arranging social Club functions;
6.2 assisting with match day facilities;
6.3 fund raising activities as required;
6.4 organising special Dunbar events.
The Club encourages you to participate in the P&F and make a contribution to the Dunbar Rovers FC in any way you can.

Dunbar Rovers embraces a fun culture to celebrate and encourage each other. To this end, we:
7.1 respect standards of social behaviour that are not overly aggressive or illegal;
7.2 avoid language which is vulgar, threatening or discriminatory;
7.3 show support for Club sponsors in a measurable way and whenever possible; they facilitate everything we do and without them our Dunbar’s resources would be very different;
7.4 maintain responsible use of alcohol for yourself and other Club members;
7.5 members are encouraged to dress suitably and wear Club attire;
7.6 avoid inflammatory comments on social media and always try to behave in the same way as in the real world.
Dunbar Rovers has a Social Media Policy which we should all abide by, as comments on public forums, including Facebook, Twitter and the Dunbar Club website, are too often misinterpreted by others.
Remember the Dunbar Way when mentioning Dunbar Rovers, and do not compromise the reputation of the Club or our members.